• head Apr 23, 2019

    Egypt Voters Approve Referendum Extending President's Rule

    Voters in Egypt approved constitutional amendments allowing President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to remain in power until 2030, election officials said Tuesday, a move that critics fear will cement his authoritarian rule eight years after a pro-democracy uprising. El-Sissi led the military overthrow of an elected but divisive Islamist president amid mass protests against his rule in 2013 and has since presided...

  • United States Apr 19, 2019

    Church Membership in US Plummets Over Past 20 Years: Poll

    The percentage of U.S. adults who belong to a church or other religious institution has plunged by 20 percentage points over the past two decades, hitting a low of 50% last year, according to a new Gallup poll. Among major demographic groups, the biggest drops were recorded among Democrats and Hispanics. Gallup said church membership was 70% in 1999 —...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Apr 5, 2019

    The Impending Brexit Crisis

    The Brexit deadline is rapidly approaching and the British government still doesn’t have a plan to exit the European Union. Boston College political science professor David Deese joins Sue to talk about what this uncertainty means for travel, trade, and Ireland.

  • Donald Trump Mar 15, 2019

    Admissions Scandal Unfolds Amid Cynicism About Moral Values

    In some ways, the college-admissions bribery scheme newly revealed by federal prosecutors seemed almost inevitable. Ethics experts say Americans these days are barraged with accounts of corruption, greed and amoral behavior to the point that many likely wonder, “Why should I play by the rules?”

  • Donald Trump Oct 31, 2018

    National Issues Loom Large in Key House Race Near DC

    Warner Workman has met his Virginia congresswoman several times at local events and says he’s “always dumbfounded when she actually remembers my name.” Rep. Barbara Comstock’s social media pages are filled with photos of her thanking local first responders at 9/11 memorials, posing with families at county fairs, attending Boy Scout events and opening new police stations in Virginia’s 10th...

  • lawyer Oct 22, 2018

    Manassas Delegate Voluntarily Airs Dirty Laundry

    Virginia Del. Lee Carter wants you to know that he is in the midst of his third divorce, can’t hold a job, lobbed homophobic insults when he was young, and may even have explicit photos of himself floating around on the internet....
    It’s not that the incumbent Democrat wants to lose the election next year; he just wants to get all...

  • spokeswoman Oct 10, 2018

    Want Election Results? On West Coast, Patience Is Required

    If control of the U.S. House comes down to any of the competitive congressional races in Washington state and California, the nation might have to wait days to learn the outcome. In both of those states, voters can put their ballots in the mail as late as Election Day, meaning the final votes do not typically reach election officials until...

  • PROSECUTOR May 31, 2018

    Missouri Governor Says Fight Not Over, Even in Surrender

    Even in surrender, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is going out fighting. When he steps down Friday, the former Navy SEAL officer will be conceding political defeat amid allegations of sexual misconduct and campaign violations while still defiantly asserting that he’s done nothing worthy of being forced out of office. He’s even hinted at a possible political comeback, declaring during his...

  • Donald Trump May 30, 2018

    ‘Told You So': Some College Professors Correctly Predicted Trump's Win

    Donald Trump is not the only one who can say, “I told you so.” A few college professors stood up to a tidal wave of prevailing thought to separately predict for months that the New York billionaire and reality TV star would pull off one of the biggest shockers in American political history.

  • Donald Trump Apr 30, 2018

    US Pols Seek to Sway Arrivals From Puerto Rico Before Vote

    A small street festival outside Miami features booths adorned with Puerto Rican flags. A band plays salsa music as vendors offer specialties from the Caribbean island such as rice with pork and chickpeas. There’s also a woman working her way through the crowd with a clipboard, her white T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Your vote, your voice, your future.” She’s...

  • Boston Apr 27, 2018

    Debate Continues Over Police Control in Boston's Seaport District

    Massachusetts State Police troopers have patrolled the Seaport District for years, but lawmakers could determine if another agency could come in to back them up.

  • Facebook Mar 19, 2018

    In Patriarchal Japan, Saying ‘Me Too' Can Be Risky for Women

    Japanese women who say “Me too” do so at their own risk. Online comments accused Rika Shiiki of lying and being a publicity hound when she tweeted that she lost business contracts after refusing to have sex with clients. Some said that by agreeing to dine with a man, she led him on. “The comments I received were disproportionately negative,”...

  • Donald Trump Nov 8, 2017

    JFK Files: FBI Monitored Growing Latino Political Power

    A memo included in recently released John F. Kennedy documents shows that the FBI was concerned about the growing political power of Latinos, historians say. Among the thousands of documents released last week was a memo from an FBI informant who kept watch on a Dallas chapter of the G.I. Forum — a moderate group of Mexican American veterans who...

  • Elizabeth Warren Oct 23, 2017

    Beth Lindstrom's Campaign for U.S. Senate

    Beth Lindstrom is running for U.S. Senate and says she is not like most of the republicans in Washington.

  • Elizabeth Warren Oct 23, 2017

    Sitting Down With Republican Senate Candidate Beth Lindstrom

    Beth Lindstrom says voters are growing weary of Representative Elizabeth Warren’s ‘knee-jerk liberalism.’

  • Associated Press Oct 6, 2017

    US Customs Vows to Block Imports Made by North Korea Workers

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it is ready to block U.S. imports of seafood — as well as any other goods — produced by North Korean laborers who work in China. An Associated Press investigation tracked salmon, squid and cod processed by North Koreans working at Chinese factories and shipped to American stores, including Walmart and ALDI. The North...

  • Associated Press May 19, 2017

    Brazil's President May Lead a ‘Walking Dead Administration'

    Brazil’s president is vowing to remain in power despite a damaging new corruption allegation, but Latin America’s largest nation could very well be rudderless as long as he stays at the head of what one analyst is calling a “walking dead administration.” President Michel Temer struck a defiant note Thursday, promising he would be found innocent in a Supreme Court...

  • NBC Mar 6, 2017

    Middlebury College Works Toward Healing After Protest Turns Violent

    An elite liberal arts school in Vermont is vowing to learn from an ugly chapter in its history, after a professor suffered physical injuries when a protest got out of hand.

  • NBC Mar 6, 2017

    Protest Turns Violent on Campus of Vermont College

    An elite liberal arts school in Vermont is vowing to learn from an ugly chapter in its history, after a professor suffered physical injuries when a protest got out of hand.

  • Donald Trump Mar 6, 2017

    Poll: Divided Americans Fret Country Losing Identity

    Add one more to the list of things dividing left and right in this country: We can’t even agree on what it means to be an American. A new survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds Republicans are far more likely to cite a culture grounded in Christian beliefs and the traditions of early European immigrants...

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