• mom2mom Oct 20, 2020

    Mom2Mom: Finding Pockets of Indulgence

    It’s always critical to find space for yourself, but it’s more critical than ever given everything that is going on in the world. Best-selling author Rachel Bertsche stops by Mom2Mom and shows you how to carve out pockets of indulgence no matter how chaotic your life is.

  • rachel bertsche Oct 13, 2020

    Dump the To-Do List For a ‘You List'

    When you finally get fifteen minutes to slow down, are you often too spent to figure out what to do with your time? Best-selling author Rachel Bertsche has a trick so that when you score even a few minutes, you’ll be able to make the most of it. #Mom2Mom

  • maria sansone Oct 13, 2020

    From To-Do to ‘You'

    When it comes to down time, it’s downright precious. To make sure you don’t waste it, best-selling author Rachel Bertsche drops by Mom2Mom and tells us how a YOU list can be a lifesaver.

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