Ronan Farrow

  • NBC Oct 26, 2019

    NBCUniversal Releases Ex-Staff From Sexual Harassment Confidentiality Agreements

    Former NBC News employees who signed nondisclosure agreements with the network and believe they experienced sexual harassment are free to tell their stories, NBCUniversal said in a new statement Friday. The statement was first reported by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow minutes before an interview with Ronan Farrow, the investigative journalist who chronicles his reporting on sexual misconduct allegations against former film...

  • New York Sep 17, 2018

    Soon-Yi Previn Defends Husband Woody Allen, Attacks Mia Farrow in Interview

    Soon-Yi Previn, the wife of Woody Allen and the estranged adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, defended her husband against what she contends is unfair treatment in the #MeToo era and attacked her adoptive mother in her first public comments about the relationships in decades.

  • NBC Sep 4, 2018

    NBC News: Farrow Draft on Weinstein for the Network Had Misstatements

    NBC News alleged in an internal report Monday that the writer Ronan Farrow had taken a source’s comments out of context in his reporting on sexual harassment claims against the movie producer Harvey Weinstein while he was working for the network and had misrepresented the source’s willingness to identify Weinstein by name. The allegation was included in a 10-page report...

  • NBC Aug 31, 2018

    NBC News Denies Blocking Ronan Farrow Exposé of Harvey Weinstein

    NBC News has denied accusations by one of its former producers that the network blocked investigative reporting about a series of sexual harassment claims against media mogul Harvey Weinstein. The former producer, Rich McHugh, who had worked with writer Ronan Farrow on a story detailing accusations against the Hollywood film producer, told The New York Times that Farrow was ordered...

  • Eric Hinton Apr 25, 2018

    Time Magazine Honors Sex Assault Survivors and Women at Gala

    Sex assault victims from the world of entertainment and sports were honored at the Time 100 gala, an annual event that celebrates the year’s most influential people.

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