• Maine Oct 6, 2020

    Conservation Success? Pests? Seals Spark Passionate Debate in New England

    Nick Muto has fished up and down the New England coast and there is nothing that gets his blood boiling more than the sight of a seal. Muto, whose two boats fish for groundfish such as skate and monkfish as well as lobster, is among a growing group of anglers, beach goers and local officials who are quick to blame…

  • shark sightings Jul 30, 2020

    More Seals Means More Shark Sightings in New England

    Seals are thriving off the Northeast coast thanks to decades of protections, and that victory for wildlife has brought a consequence for humans — more encounters with sharks. Seals are a favorite prey of large sharks such as the great white. The death this week of swimmer Julie Dimperio Holowach, who was killed by a great white off Harpswell, Maine,…

  • seals Apr 4, 2020

    Social Distancing Means Leaving Seals Alone, Too, Feds Say

    The federal government wants people seeking social distance to know they still have to stay away from seals they encounter at the beach. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Wednesday more people are spending time outdoors as the East Coast approaches the harbor seal pupping season. That increases the likelihood beachgoers will encounter the seals and their young. NOAA…

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