• air fryer Mar 17

    Yes, You Can Cook a Juicy Steak in Your Air Fryer — Here's How

    I’ve always been a fan of air fryers, but after recently upgrading the air fryer in our kitchen to a dual-sided Ninja model that cooks at two different temperatures and looks gorgeous sitting on my kitchen counter, my husband and I have found ourselves air-frying meals now more than ever. We roast potatoes and sausage for dinner, we make copycat Chick-fil-A sandwiches using...

  • steak Feb 8

    Steak Tartare Made With Wagyu Beef

    ‘The Chef’s Pantry’ host Anna Rossi is joined by John Ross making a delicious homemade Steak Tartare.

  • food Feb 8

    Steak Tartare Made With Wagyu Beef Recipe

    Rare Steakhouse Chef John Ross is in ‘The Chef’s Pantry’ with Anna Rossi making a homemade quick and easy Steak Tartare. Steak Tartare Recipe: Shallots 1 Tablespoon  Capers 1 tablespoon Cornichons (pickled cucumbers) 1 tablespoon  Beef – fine diced 1 Cup  Chives- fine sliced 1 Tablespoon  Quail eggs 1 each  Dijon mustard ½ tablespoon  Kosher salt Black pepper  Horseradish cream…

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