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The Thaw Continues

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Quite the meltdown across New England today. We DID cross the 50 degree mark in Boston, Providence, Marshfield, Waltham and many other towns and cities in between. That pretty much took out our paltry snow pack across many Metrowest communities. Question is, will we replenish it in the days to come?

Um, that's a no. This isn't 2015, where we went into the snow blitz around now and dug ourselves out in late February. This is a kinder, gentler weather pattern.


We have a couple of nice days ahead, with very little in the way of cold temperatures. With normal highs in the mid 30s across Southern New England, we're certainly riding the tide of mild air with our highs near 40 into late week. Even across Northern New England, highs will still average above normal. We should still crack freezing tomorrow and Thursday from Vermont to Downeast Maine.

January thaw? You could call it that, but it looks like it will be around longer than a standard thaw we see in New England at the midpoint of winter. Statistically, January thaws occur from the 20-24th of January. This one, however, may last into late February.

We're still watching Friday's weather setup. (Notice I didn't say storm.) Occasional flurries or a snow shower are possible, with a steadier snow trying to flare up across Maine. Yeah, I realize it's a big state, and I'm being purposely vague. This hyper-local snow setup can stump even the best forecasters, so this particular one will take his sweet time committing to snow amounts - at least until the forecast settles a bit.

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