2011 Tornado Outbreak Not Unprecedented

Are the publishers of Newsweek Magazine using scare mongering to sell copies, or do they really believe the Dogma presented on the Cover-
   "Weather Panic, This is The New Normal" ?
   One would think they learned a lesson 36 years ago with the Global Cooling Forecast debacle. Now Newsweek Reporter Sharon Begley writes "Even those who deny existence of Global Climate Change are having trouble dismissing the evidence of the last year", then she goes on reiterating all the weather disasters that have occurred this year.
  First off, are we talking about the supposed warming due to antrohropogenic CO2 emissions? How did the phrase 'Global Warming' morph into 'Global Climate Change'? Sounds like a new marketing strategy.
  Secondly, "the evidence of the last year", is Sharon Begley stating that the weather is now different than we have ever seen? If so, she lacks due diligence in fact checking.            
  Sharon may not be familiar with the weather events that occurred beginning with the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 through the one of the worst Tornado seasons on record in 1953. And the New England Hurricanes of 1954. Included in that period is one the worst Floods on Record in The United States, in 1927, along with the Great New England Hurricanes of 1938, and 1944.
  My Dad still refers to the 1944 Hurricane as the most severe weather event so far in his 82 years living on Cape Cod. That says a lot.
  The weather extremes occurring now, leads me to believe that we may be experiencing a weather pattern similar to the extremes of 1900-1954. The problem is that today we have millions more people living in vulnerable areas like Cape Cod, Long Island, The Florida Keys, and New Orleans just to mention a few, that will bear the brunt of Major Land falling Hurricanes likely to return. Will we blame CO2?
  The forecasts made by CO2 alarmists have failed.
  We are getting record snows where we were supposed to see little or no snow, we are having floods where we were supposed to see widespread droughts. The atmosphere is cooling while CO2 levels continue to rise. At 390 parts per million of CO2, that leaves 999,610 parts of other compounds, including up to 4,000 parts per million of the more potent Greenhouse Gas, H2O.
  As Harry Markopolos said about Bernie Madoff, "The Math does not Work". His book 'No One Would Listen' is a perfect analog for what is going on with Al Gore and all the opportunists getting rich off the CO2 Scare. Except, Gore is perpetrating fraud on Governments around the world. Unfortunately, any fraud against government, is fraud against citizens.
  There is nothing we can due to stop the weather. There are, however things we can due to adapt. Instead of spending billions lining the pockets of alarmists 'reasearch' and Cap & Tax regulation, imagine what we could accomplish by putting that money into reinforcing infrastructure and insuring our selves against the inevitable weather disasters that will continue. As we transition into a cooling atmosphere, a forecast more likely to be correct, we will likely suffer more from ice, than fire.

  This week we have another late season snow storm ejecting from The Sierra Nevada (where a record snow pack will take months to melt, giving plenty of water to California this summer), that storm will cruise into southern Canada by Wednesday, By Thursday that storm will have produced another alarming severe weather outbreak, this one north and west of the hard hit areas form May. But here in New England we will see a push of warmth ahead of that storm, then an abrupt cold front Thursday Night, with another round of nasty thunder storms. It's too early to call for more Tornadoes, but the possibility does exist. The nature of this severe weather season has as much to due with relentless cold form the northwest, as it does with record heat from Texas. Speaking of records, 35° this morning on Martha's Vineyard broke the record low temperature for the day, 38° set June 5, 1958.
  June 5 is also the anniversary of 'The Great June Frost" of 1859, 2" snow in Ohio, 26° in New York.
  The 2011 Hurricane Season has Begun, and may be off to a quick start.
  Near Jamaica tonight is a tropical disturbance getting organized, it may be come Tropical Depression #1 for 2011, and perhaps Tropical Storm Arlene, near Cuba by Tuesday.

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