A Scintillating Sunset

A Scintillating Sunday Sunset is forecast for tonight, May 16, 2010. Perhaps you have heard that one before..Looking for Venus and the Moon last night, we were disappointed to see mostly altocumulus and even some nimbostratus.

That was a 'spoke of energy' rotating 'round the backside of the old Newfie Low Pressure system, part of the persistent North Atlantic Block.

That block is sending powerful wind and another altocumulus cloud through eastern Maine today. But for most of New England, we have much drier air today, with blue sky fading to starry black as the sun sets at 8 PM. We should have a spectacular set up with Venus near conjunction with the crescent moon.

Then at about 8:24 to 8:27 the we will see the Space Shuttle docked at the International Space station race by to the north of the Moon/Venus pairing.

Last night, Dennis Mammana photographed the display from Borrego Springs, California, shared with us by Dr. Tony Phillips of SpaceWeather.com. Visist Spaceweather for more on the ISS timing and placement for your zip code.

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