Blocking Pattern Good News for New England list 14 Ski Areas open in the United States on our Mother's Day, May 8, 2011. The most exciting cam is Mount Bachelor Oregon where another in this endless parade of Pacific Storms is causing snow in the High Country of many western states today. After a quiet weak in the severe storm/tornado department, this Oregon snow storm will track to the Central Plains Tuesday with the next round of Tornadoes Breaking out Tuesday Evening, through Thursday. But it appears that storm will stall and slowly decay over the mid west. That's good news for New England, but bad news for the mid west. At least this rain and severe weather will be north of hardest hit areas in the deep south.
  Why is this storm going to stall? We can tack it back trough that caused the horrible tornado outbreak April 26-28. That trough passed New England last weekend, then stalled over the Ocean northeast of Bermuda. Though not separate from Global Weather Pattern, that was part of the establishment of a Major Mid/High Latitude Blocking Pattern that will dominate this Month of May.
   Next up, a series of short waves are getting caught up in the a bottle neck of systems in The Atlantic Ocean. Yesterday it was a weak cold front, with attendant upper low that caused the widespread hail storms in New England. NECN's Tom Langford caught this amazing hail video in Natick Massachusetts. Another upper low sailed from IL 9with two tornadoes) to the Mid Atlantic today, into the deepening Ocean Storm east of Nantucket tonight. The low will strengthen to a huge Gale center Tuesday, as it slowly retrogrades (backs westward, against the prevailing westerlies aloft) toward New England Tuesday. We will feel the fringe effect of this low. Wind along the shore will gust 40-50 mph, especially near Cape Cod, Monday Night through predawn Wednesday. Seas will build to 10-15' with minor coastal erosion at the late day/ early morning high tides. Bands of rain may water the laws with one quarter to one half inch of rain fall east and south of Interstate 95. But for most of New England, this stalled storm means sunshine and dry air for most of this week. The huge ocean storm will have a symmetric storm in the middle of the United States. That puts us in the middle of a sunshine sandwich. The Midwest storm will weaken as it slogs, indirectly toward the east. But that could mean more clouds and/or rain for us next weekend.

  Looking for a Hurricane Season Preview? Dr Phil Klotzbach of Plymouth Massachusetts and Colorado State University is calling for an active season.

  Also, I had a fun conversation with National Hurricane Center Director (New England Native), Bill Read. We discussed how and why he got to be NHC Director, and the prospect of Major Hurricanes returning to New England after a 57 year drought.

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