Boring Beauty Continues

 Is this the best summer eva? That is what the locals are saying. I sayto them, what about the heat, and all the tornadoes, no one seems to bethinking about these extremes. Maybe it is because I live near theshore and am surrounded by fisherman and beach goers, they love it.What about the lack of rain? Ron Simon at Simon's Nursery on theScituate/Norwell line is not happy about the dry weather. He says ithas been a burdon watering all his potted plants every day. His fieldsare full of pumpkins, tomatoes, corn, melons, and so on.. but he wouldlike some rain. I stopped by to get some fall blooming plants, Ron andCindy are selling two for one potted plants. I picked up some MontaukDaisies, they look like daisies, but the tag says chrysanthemum. Here Iam planting mums, while the temperature plummets to the 40s thismorning.. summer must be over? Not!
  The ocean keeps warming into early September, this heating lag effectallows us to enjoy summer beauty for a few more weeks anyway. For asurfing exhibit (at Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis), I foundmyself reading through the 1995 journal entries. On July 14, 2005 wehad widespread 100 weather here in New England, that was the hottest since 1977, was next matched by July 6, 2010.. The reason I looked up1995 is because that was a huge surf year because of constanthurricanes. That is the year I learned to surf, in the 6' swell fromFelix. We have similarities with that summer, the extreme heat and thehurricane forecast in the next tow months. The good news, for skiers,is that we had snow in Mid September, and Killington opened on October14. That winter went on to be the snowiest on record here at NECN, with110"! Maybe we can do that again. But not now.
  We may have Tropical Storm Danielle in the Gulf of Mexico, as theremnant of TD 5 spins back to the south off Florida. The computermodels are showing two more hurricanes near off the East Coast byAugust 20-30.
  Meantime where's the rain? A Dozen states have experienced floodingthe last few days. But the low pressure systems keep missing NewEngland. That storm we were watching for possible Nor'Easter brought 3"of Rain to PA, but then missed us to the south. The weather map keepslooking like rain for next week, but then next week goes by with onlyscattered storms. Well today is no different. A front gets here onMonday (just like last week), with potential for stalling and waves oflow pressure to bring us some rain, and possibly Nor'Easter later nextweek. That is a forecast, just like last week. But like the weather inNew England, if you don;t like the weather (forecast), just wait 5minutes, it will surely change.

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