Cold Air Tips: Fire Safety the Biggest Concern

During exceptionally cold weather, meteorologists often share some cold weather tips.  Of course, I know most of us know all of these, and remember most of them, but a friendly reminder never hurt anyone...

  • Fire Safety:  My biggest concern.  This time of year, during cold weather, we see a marked increase in home fires resulting from flammable materials or liquids placed too close to space heaters and other sources of heat.  The best practice is to make sure your heater is made for prolonged use, and be sure that all items - including clothing - have a wide berth from the heater.  Woodstove users should ensure chimneys are clean and not a fire hazard.  Be sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.
  • Dress in Multiple Layers: You actually stay warmer with multiple layers than just a thick coat!
  • Car Maintenance: Weak batteries will die in this type of cold - especially in Northern New England. Antifreeze should be sufficient for the temperatures (as cold as -25 in some of Northern New England) and tire pressure should be checked to ensure it is correct.
  • Frozen Pipes:  This is especially for those with homes - particularly in Northern New England where it will be coldest - that you aren't at everyday.  See if someone can swing by and make sure the heat is working properly to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Remember Pets!  Keep our furry friends out of the intense cold and biting wind, and keep them hydrated to help fight off effects of the cold.
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