ColdDry to WarmWet, We Are Thankful for Bountiful Weather

Wealways get ours! We get our cold, we get our warm, we get our wet, weget our white.. all this week. Here is the order.. Cold Dry Sunday,Clouds Seasonable Monday, Warm Wet Tuesday, Cold Wind Wednesday, DrySeasonable Thanksgiving Day, Wet to white Friday, New Cold windSaturday.. rinse and repeat. Wild swings in the weather this week maybe the trend for winter here in New England.
Oceans control global weather patterns more than any other factor,accept perhaps sunshine and gravity. Check out the Ocean PatternExtremes now. Extremes of Pacific North American pattern (PNA), and NorthAtlantic Oscillation (NAO). PNA is currently strong negative, with theextreme storm on west coast and frigid air from British Columbia toMontanana. PNA is forecast to reverse in the next two weeks. As the PNAheads toward neutral, the arctic chill in western Canada spread moreeast than south.
NAO is currently negative and forecast to go extreme negative nextweek, allowing storms to dig deeper south in the east, with theexpansion of that artcic chill to follow. But much like last winter,the NAO goes so strongly negative, we may get more cold and snow fromTexas to Virginia, than here in New England.
Usually in a La Nina winter, like we are now setting up, the deepsouth and southeast USA are not the recipients of the harsh winterstorms. So hopefully the next ten days are exception to the rule ofstorm tracks this winter. Otherwise we get more rain than snow. Mostlong range forecasts show this pattern to be less extremeDecember-February, so New England still may end up with a snowy winter.I am not backing off earlier analogs made to 1995/1996, we should haveplenty of winter ahead, juts have to be a little patient.
The first half of this month feature the best November surf in Years,thanks to that October '91 esk storm. Now we have ski areas opening,Sugarloaf today, Bretton Woods tomorrow. The Tuesday storm is wet allthe way to Canada, but the guns come back on Wednesday. The Fridaystorm has snow in the mountains. Next weekend we are back in the coldair, it's attendant up slope (Jay Peak) snow, for the foreseeablefuture. Check for latest conditions (especially fun arethe several feet of new snow totals out west right now)


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