Four Day Coastal Storm

Wind at the Buoys South of New England is sustained 20+ Knots, andincreasing, from the Northeast this Sunday Afternoon October 3, 2010.Mark this as day One of another Four Day Nor'easter. Wind will max outMonday with gusts past 40 knots possible, then a lull Tuesday, anotherMax of Gusts past 45 knots possible Wednesday. The next time we have anoffshore wind is Thursday, that will be northwest gusting past 30knots. Needless to say, not a great week for fishing. I am thinkingabout learning to Kite surf this week :). This is yet another multi-New Moon- -High Tide- Nor'Easters we have seen in the last 10 months.Coastal erosion and minor coastal flooding will further rearrange therocks, roots, and sand along our shore. Rainfall will not be a heavy aslast week. More in the order of 1" with localized 2"+. We do not havedewpoints in the 70s this time. But we do have a series of low pressuresystems with tropical moisture on their south sides, running northeastoff New England. The lows are not that deep, initially anyway (theWeds/Thurs wave may deepen below 1000 millibars). The wind is more offunction of one, then another, strong (1025+ mb) high pressure systemsflowing southeast from from Hudson Bay Canada. That means we arerelatively cold. Many of us will turn on the furnace, and leave it onfor a day or two, for the first time this season. The weather this week will be better far from the shore where only showers are likely, with breaks of sunshine and lighter wind.
This is the second weekend in a row with no named tropical storm, butmore damage from tropical energy riding north in a persistent flow upthe east side of a deep Appalachian trough. Energy near Puerto Rico may intensify to Tropical Storm Otto by Thursday, but that would likely run out to Sea after Flooding Hispaniola.
Mount Washington did cool enough for snow this weekend, but themoisture needed for snow got stuck in Buffalo. We have another shot ofcold this Friday Night, so we will again monitor the possibility of SummitSnow, Valley Foliage, for next weekend.
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