GroundHog Day- The Movie- The Storm

We could re cue the weather forecast from last week, except for thesubtle changes. Last week our Monday was the coldest day in years, thisMonday could be ten degrees warmer. Last week snow arrived onWednesday, this week snow arrives on Tuesday. Last week the stormlasted 20 hours, this week the storm last 48 hours. Last week the mostsnow was 19" in Staffordville Connecticut, with no snow in the northernSki Areas. This week Staffordville CT may see snow change to sleet orfreezing rain, and the Northern Ski areas will get 20" of Snow. Weshould all rent the Great Bill Murray Movie 'GroundHog Day', and watchit over and over and over..
  January is in the books as snowiest on record in New York City, withmany cities in New England rivaling the snow totals from January 1996.The record for snowiest February on record is 1969 at Blue HillMassachusetts when 65.4" of snow fell, boythat's a toughie, but the weather pattern shows no signs of changinghere in New England.
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