Herring Are Running in New England

It's Herring Festival Day in Plymouth Massachusetts. Though the weather is not outstanding, who cares, it all about the community having fun together. Rain makes it more of a bonding event. Today I am adding more about the science of Herring thanks to this video produced by Art Egerton for public PACTV of Plymouth County Massachusetts. Below Art's video of the Pembroke Herring Run, is my video from the Harwich Herring Run. A couple of fine fish tales.

When we were kids' we used to take herring home from the herring run. Dad ate the row, and then put the rest in the garden as fertilizer. Herring is also great bait for Striped Bass Fishing. But now with the stocks being depleted by over fishing, we no longer take them home. But it's a great pastime to watch them run up the Herring River here in Harwich on the nicest day so far in Spring 2014.

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