Hot Stormy Week Ahead

 Training Thunderstorms hit southeastern Massachusetts again last week. From Taunton to New Bedford to Cape Cod, we had another 1"-3" of rainfall Wednesday Night into Thursday. The second such rains in 7 days. At NECN last Tuesday, July 12, 2011, the high if 93^ was hottest of 2011, Boston hit 95^. The front Tuesday was supposed to be the big storm day. But we saw signs on Monday Night that Wednesday looked worse. Sure enough, A Thunder storm began at 7 PM Wednesday, and did not end until 7 AM the next morning. Once again I was caught driving an hour in my open air Jeep. It's happened just about every week this summer. Many years we have only one such storm all summer on The Cape. This year it's happening over and over and over. Last weeks storm was another heat buster, Tropical air ran into to Polar air over the south coast of New England, as a wave of low pressure formed over Narragansett Bay, then intensified out to sea Thursday Morning. It was so strong that Nantucket was gusting to 40 mph. This photo of a Kite Boarder was taken in Scituate MA at 10 AM Thursday.
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Out to sea, the Buoy showed gusts to 45 knots, an extra Tropical Storm Formed south of Nova Scotia.


  When the wind died down late Thursday we had great groundswell to surf Thursday Night and Friday. I got three sessions! This is Nantasket Beach in Hull at Sunset Thursday.

  That same storm stalled and cut off at upper levels, bring nice dry (almost chilly) air from Canada. The  storm also pushed a cold front all the way to Florida. The air behind the front in Georgia and Florida was cooler than New England this weekend. The front also caused Flooding Rain in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Apalachicola Florida reported a record 5.8" of Rainfall Sunday July 17. The front also spawned Tropical Storm Bret 225 miles southeast of Cape Canaveral late Sunday. <a href="">As Bret heads toward Bermuda this week</a>, the other rain, in  Alabama & western Florida is headed to Texas to bring some helpful drought denting thunder storms. But the heat goes on for most of the central United States. The departing trough from eastern Canada opens the opportunity for ridging on the East Coast this week. That means extreme heat may arrive in New England. But first another, weaker, front from Canada will generate severe storm Tonight and tomorrow. There is no strong high behind this front, that means the heat comes flowing back in here Weds through Friday. Temperatures here Thursday and Friday will reach 95^-100^. The last time this happened was August 31st last summer, when we hit 96^ here at NECN. Last year on July 6th we reached 101^ here at NECN, the hottest weather since August 2nd 2006, and July 19-21 1991. Will we hit 100^ this week? Definitely Maybe :). A powerful storm coming out of the East Pacific tonight will pass through Northern New England Friday, with another round of Severe storms, and cooler drier weather next weekend.

  Congratulations to Japan Woman's Soccer Team, and runner's up form the United States. The bad news is <a href="">a powerful typhoon is currently bearing down on southern Japan</a>.
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