Hurricane Season Ends, Snow Season in Sight

We had a few inches of snow in the mountains yesterday, with Jayscoring 6" new. But this is no match for the 10 FEET at KirkwoodCalifornia this week. In Boston, the low temperature of28 this morning, Sunday November 28, 2010, is the coldest since 25 onMarch 27th.

This month has had many disappointing 'inside runners'. Aninside runner is a storm that tracks west of The Connecticut Riverputting us on the warm side of the storm with mild southerly wind andrain. We need some 'outside runners' to build up our winter snow pack.Right now we have 2" at the Stake on Mt.Mansfield Vermont, and 5" atThe Stake at Hermit Lake on Mt.Washington New Hampshire.

Thankfully,the temperature has been cold enough for 20 of New England's Ski resortsto open in November. So when is the big snow for all.. how aboutDecember 7-11?  The persistent trough West, Ridge Southeast will holdagain this week, then changes begin.

  We have weak (998 mb) low pressure in Nevada this Morning with heavysnow in NV and UT. This low is feeding on the 'old cold' that setrecords from CA to MT this week. That low will track to Lake SuperiorWednesday Night as it deepens to 990 millibars and stalls in Ontario byThursday Morning.

The cold front with that storm will produce severestorms and flooding from Mississippi to Ohio, with heavy rain and warmair into New England Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday are dry andseasonable, Wednesday we get 1"-2" of rain with a southerly Gale overthe Ocean, driving the temperature to 50-60.

On Wednesday Night acold front will extend from the Ontario Storm all the way to Florida.This is a deep trough and may send a freeze to Florida ThursdayMorning, even as the temperature in Eastern New England is still near40. But this trough will get stuck on the East Coast, and for thefirst time in a Month we will begin a period of wet, and colder thannormal weather.

Meanwhile out at sea, the upper low that brought ourbit of Saturday Snow is running into a road block (the Strong GreenlandBlock, also know as Negative North Atlantic Oscillation), and willcircle south of Newfoundland, possibly meandering westward. This'retro-grade' will then allow the new trough arriving on the east coastThursday, to dig and stall. After that we 'should' beginning the seriesof 'outside runners' with a series of mostly snowstorms to cross NewEngland. The first snow storm may be one that backs in from the eastthis weekend.

So by late Sunday, or Monday we may have a back door warmfront in Maine with rain in Maine and snow in Massachusetts andConnecticut, similar to that November 8th storm. This merger of deeptrough at Sea with New trough from the west will set the stage forPossible full latitude storms running from the Gulf Of Mexico to NewEngland December 7-11, and (hopefully) beyond.

The Hurricane SeasonEnds Tuesday. With 21 Atlantic Tropical Cyclones, it was anexceptionally busy season, amazingly, not very costly for the UnitedStates. Central America took a beating though.  As one last hurrah, theretrograding storm south of Newfoundland may give us a final fallswell to surf by early next week.. just as skiseason really takes off!
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