No Three Day Rain Storm in Sight

  While a light frost glazed a few car roof tops here at NECN for thefirst time this fall, the roof of Mount Washington is coated in a fewinches of rime ice, and snow. Check out the wintry view from the Mt.Washington observatory here.
  This first frost here on 10/10/10 is just ahead of last year's10/12/10. Blue sky and bright sunshine is helping to warm us by about35 from our morning lows. Thanks to last week's New England storm nowpowerful and stalled in Labrador, our weather will remain dry into muchof the week. Another front spinning down from Canada will pass south ofNew England Monday with no change in our weather. That front will stallsouth of us Tuesday with a wave of low pressure forming and passingover Nantucket. This will cause our wind to briefly blow in from theeast with a period of rain from Connecticut to Cape Cod. Westwind and Sunshine will return Wednesday. Another short wavefrom Northern Canada will arrive Thursday and Friday with a fewshowers, and another chance of snow for our tallest mountains. Then wemay have another dry seasonable weekend.
  In the tropics, Otto maxed at 90 mph Thursday and is now a TropicalStorm racing into the North Atlantic. The next (16th) name is Paula,and may be used on a low now developing in the Caribbean. Paula lookslike another flooding disaster for Central America. For New England,
this is quiet season for surf and ski, neither deep snow or rideable waves are in our seven day forecast.
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