October 2010 Nor’Easter Spinning Out

The barometer bottomed out at about 29.05" near the coast of Maine lastnight. This low pressure that 'Bombed Out' (deepened rapidly) as itarrived in Eastern New England Friday October 15, 2010, is now slowlyweakening and slowly lifting into the Canadian Maritime Provence's. Thecentral pressure is now up to 29.13". But the storm is running intoNorth Atlantic Blocking and will turn north, then west, and deepen toan even more powerful storm 500 miles north of Caribou Maine bymid-week. This will keep a flow of mostly dry and rather cold windyweather here for much of this week. The first ski tracks of the seasonare being made today at resorts in Vermont. Summits that reach 3500'are all reporting 12"+ new (first) snow of the season for The GreenMountains. Other New England storm totals can be found using theselinks. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, Vermont and NewYork, Maine and New Hampshire, Northern and Eastern Maine.

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