Old Hermine, to New Igor and Soon Julia and Karl

Forty counties in Texas were declared a disaster area this week becauseof Tropical Storm Hermine. Coastal wing gusts past 70 mph, 6"-12" ofrain, and tornadoes caused the death of 4 people, with insurance damageestimates passing $100 million. Flooding rain with the remnant ofHermine flooded Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  This is anotherexample of a non Hurricane, but surely tropical, weather system causingmassive damage. That rain storm is now passing off the Coast ofVirginia, with heavy rain just missing New England.
Often these storm regenerate when reaching the warm humid air of theAtlantic Ocean. This is happening with Hermine, but the bulk of windand rain is missing us to the south. Instead we get showers tonightthrough Tuesday due to a series of fronts from New york and Canada. ByWednesday we are on the cold side of the front, but the wind will haveshifted from an ocean wind, to a land wind, so the temperature willchange little. The top of Mount Washington may get the first dusting ofsnow since July 1st.
  Next up in the tropics are the Category 4 Hurricane Igor, andbrewing storms that will become Julia and Karl in the Caribbean, and just offAfrica. The Caribbean system poses the great danger as it's wind andrain may bring more damage to the already hard hit Yucatan and centralMexico.
  Surfers in New England get a little wind swell from regeneratingHermine Monday and Tuesday, then we get the Groundswell from Cat 4 or 5 Igor asthat Hurricane curves toward (and likely off) theU.S. Coast late this week, into early fall of next Thursday.

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