Picking Up the Pieces After the Tornadoes


Increasing reports are coming to our Weather Center at NECN of personal belongings that have been carried great distances by the tornado. Some of these belongings are treasured heirlooms and pictures, others are items like personal documents. In almost all instances, these are the belongings of fellow New Englanders who have lost so much - their homes, businesses, cars and peace of mind. In an effort to return these belongings to those who are missing them, I invite you to post pictures/descriptions of found items on my Facebook Page for others to see - a "tornado lost and found" if you will - where fellow New Englanders can see if their belongings have shown up in someone else's yard, perhaps several miles away.

Click here to head over to my Facebook Page and let others know about the item(s) you've found by posting pictures of them, or to search for your own.  To share, simply post the photos/item description on my wall, and others can visit the Facebook wall to see if their item has been found.

I hope this is at least some, small way we can help those who have lost so much.  I don't expect there will be a great many items, but if we can reunite even just a few folks with their treasured belongings, hopefully it will help ease their loss in a very small way.

Best Wishes...


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