Project Weather: Why Matt and Tim Love the Weather

(NECN) - In this segment, NECN Meteorologists Tim Kelley and Matt Noyes recall what drew them to the weather.

Kelley says the time he spent at an old U.S. Coast Guard building as a fifth grader "ignited my passion for weather, and I think it may have helped me become a meteorologist."

Noyes says the weather event that sparked his passion for meteorology was Hurricane Gloria in 1985.

"I remember watching the trees - I lived in the Merrimack River valley - watching the trees sway back and forth and then watching my dad's apple tree split in half and our driveway wash out and our street wash out, but it's these classic New England things, whether you're right at the Cape Cod seashore, or whether you're inland and it's a hurricane that's blasting through - these are the things that get you hooked," he says.

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