Red Sox Also World Champions of Weather

What if.. The World Series went to Game 7 on Halloween..
It would have been a long rainy windy game.
Though the rain under achieved (we need rain!), The wind over achieved.
Gusts of 55+ mph sent trees snapping over utility lines knocking out electricity to thousands here in New England (a million plus lost power from New Jersey to Canada).
Jeff Hastings sent us this photo from Manchester New Hampshire on Friday November 1, 2013.


But the Red Sox played and won Game 6 on a chilly dry Wednesday evening (after it rained all morning).. giving the team and city of Boston plenty of time to plan a 'Rolling Rally' Duck-boat Parade for Saturday November 2nd. And what a November 2nd!
Sunny, calm, 65 degrees! How does this happen?
Red Sox Magic
Here is the image from The Prudential Tower cam as Duck Boats snaked from Fenway Park to Boylston Street  about 11am Saturday Morning.

Here is the view from 21,000 miles, Boston just on the edge of beauty.
The weather was rainy on Cape Cod, and in Vermont.
A sunshine sandwich over central New England and Boston.


Not a cloud in the sky as Duck-boats floated onto The Charles River.


God in heaven also sent a high five.


There were a few citizens of New England who chose fall fun outside of Boston.
Bob Hennessy brought the Family to Duxbury Beach, where Nancy took her final dip of 'the summer'. The water temperature of 55, combined with air of 65 adds up to a comfy 120 degrees.


Then reality came in the form of a Canadian Cold Front Sunday Morning, 20 hours following the Fenway celebration fog and drizzle chilled the Fens.
By 10am Sunday, the first frozen meteors of fall 2013 flew by the 54th floors of The John Hancock and Prudential Towers. This is about 750 feet above the back bay, our new thermometer up here registered 1.89 degrees Celsius, or 35.4F.


At the same time Sunday, nothing but Blue Sky at Jay Peak resort in Vermont, where the snow guns are being turned on for the first time of the season. But this picture is natural snow and rime frost from the overnight cold front.


Herb Swanson of Lyndonville Vermont send this beauty from the summit of Burke Mountain looking at The (Lake) Willoughby Gap. No snow here, just a heavy frost.

The forecast for this week is near identical to last week.
Very cold dry air is here with a 1040 millibar high from the north pool bring us two frezzing nights, and 35-45 degree days.
Then another southern storm will drive from Texas to Ontario, bringing us warm, wet, windy weather later Wednesday into Thursday, followed by cold dry air from Canada Friday into the weekend.

Last week I referred to fall of 2004 as an analog for this year.
So far the match up is very close.

On November 12, 2004 we had a 'surprise snowfall' at NECN.
See the entries from my weather diary here.




Much to my amazement, a weather model has forecast the exact same synoptic set up for this November 12th. If this comes true.. some of that Red Sox magic has rubbed off on my forecasting ability.


Thank you for all the positive feedback on last Sunday's bog, I will try and make it a habit.
We may even see a new Joe Joyce blog here. (see JJ back on NECN all week from 10-4).
Welcome Back Joe!

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