SAD- Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, Sad to Say Goodbye to Winter

  How many times have I been asked, which is your favorite season? Hundred's of times. Like a good parent would respond to the question, which is your favorite child, my answer is the predictable, I love them all equally. But just a sad as it may be when a child moves out of the house, you are happy and sad. That is where I am today. I am sad to see our outstanding ski season wrapping up, but I am looking forward to watching baby geese use the crosswalk at the Scituate Rotary, Seeing my swelling roses flower like crazy, and warmer water for surfing and swimming. And coming soon, with great influence from Joe Joyce, getting started as a Kite Boarder.
  Ski Season reached a pinnacle this week with the Monday/Tuesday snow at Mount Mansfield getting us to 100" at the snow stake. A feat reached only a few times a decade, as Scott Braaten notes in this report filed Monday. That was my second Powder Day this Month, last Saturday at Bodefest we had 9" of April Fool's fresh. Now the sun is out, the snow is deep, and goggle tans are the styling fashion. Deep snow and warm sunny days only last so long. Both Cannon and Stowe are sending the last lifts up the Mountain next Sunday April 17th. This time of year we run out of enthusiasm before we run out of snow. Though at Stowe, the marketing department was tempted to stay open longer, but the new lift installation has to start immediately. The ground work has to be completed in time for The Bicknell's thrush return from Hispaniola. Crews are actually going to plow the snow off the Toll Road to get construction equipment up the mountain. I think Killington is aiming for a May 1st closing, and of course we can always hike for turns into June.
  The weather map today features a deep trough, with heavy snow in the west and southwest, Alta UT is closing in on 30" of snow in three days. Usually a western trough, means an eastern Ridge. Today we are technically on the cold side of the front (the temperature on Mount Washington is 26°. But a warm front, with severe storms in Kentucky and Indiana will cross New England with downpours and a T.Storm tomorrow (Sunday April 10) night. That warm front may get stuck neat Portland Maine Monday Morning. So for Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and Vermont, we may be close to 80° with powerful southwest winds, while the rest of New England will be cooler gray with more of a south or southeast wind, keeping that maritime layer for most of the day. By Tuesday a strong low will pass north of Maine, the associated front with a thunder storm will be off shore in the morning, and with a west wind Eastern Massachusetts and Maine will be warmer Tuesday than Monday. There is a wild card though, an upper low will be crossing New Jersey Tuesday, that may clip southern New England with some clouds and showers Tuesday afternoon and night.
  Wednesday should be a beauty here in New England, perhaps my last day of lift served skiing for this winter.
  BY next weekend we may see the trough trying to reestablish in the east. That will mean a wet (maybe white) storm for us Next Saturday/Sunday. Hopefully that will leave a nice groundswell for us to surf by Marathon Monday. It should also mean a nice, chilly, tailwind for anyone we know running the Boston Marathon. Yes Noysie, we are talking about you :)

**** Breaking News, Sunday Update to Saturday Discussion
          That lagging, Tuesday Upper Low, looks too real. Under this upper low in Phoenix Arizona the high temperature Saturday April 9, 2011 was only 54°. That is not only a record low high temperature for the day, but also the second coldest high temperature in Phoenix, for the month of April, since records began in 1896. The coldest is 52° April 1, 1949. The 54° is matched by April 5, 1900.
  Upper lows are swirling pools of cool. This time of year they can cause real headaches for forecasters. As this one is now causing us to make wholesale changes to this weeks weather forecast for New England. Latest guidance has this upper low opening up over Wisconsin, with another severe weather outbreak today. Then we see the northern part of the trough racing to our north Monday, while the southern half slows and cuts off anew over the Mid Atlantic States Monday Night. The upper low then slowly lifts north and east, with an attendant surface low spinning up and passing southeast of Nantucket Wednesday. The net result is a coastal storm for southern and eastern New England Later Tuesday and Wednesday. Wind form the northeast may gust past 45 mph. The air may be cold enough for snow in the hills of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Southern New Hampshire. Otherwise a cold rain is looking more and more likely through Wednesday Afternoon.
  This is a challenging forecast situation, and further updates are certain. That's the only thing that is certain.
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