Storms All Lined Up, & Great White Shark Story

  Hear we go again.. No sooner does a storm, that appeared to bebringing a white Christmas from Washington DC to Portland Maine, headOut to Sea- We now have the next one showing the same signs forChristmas Day. This has been a recurring pattern since November. Itkeeps looking like we have a snowstorm 'next week'. Eventually one ofthem will hit, but so far it's been tracking so far west it rains, ormissing to the south before 'backing' toward Maine. They all have onetrait in common, an eight day forecast that looks perfect for a NewYork City to Boston, but then fades one way or the other. We have toacknowledge Matt Noyes for staying steady as she goes on this mostrecent close call. But we have to wonder how Matt would have reacted ifhe were on TV Thursday Morning, when all guidance was in the 'BigStorm' camp? I can't wait to see how we all handle this next beast, aspin off of the Extreme Pacific Storm currently blasting California. Iquite enjoy watching from the sidelines Monday-Friday. But I do admitgetting excited with this last storm and do acknowledge my (likely)bust of a double digit storm for Eastern New England, that I spouted onTwitter. The storm will generate another huge upper level circulation resulting in another, few inches of snow a day at New England Ski Resorts through Christmas. This may be the best Christmas/New Year's Ski Vacation in year's.. for the entire United States.. and Europe!
 From here in on this storm I am nowcasting.. calling the play by play. Watch our Radar for snow/rain.
 Howabout this surf lately!? I had my first December Surf on Monday, inBoston harbor :). The Air Temperature was 48 + Water 46 = 94. Surfwas still up Tues/Fri, but combined Air T + Water T fell below 90,that shut me out. In my letter to Santa, I asked for a 5/4/3 Wetsuit,with hood, and new 6/2 booties.
If you are out to surf Cape Cod this week (this storm will generatemonster swell through Christmas), you may consider this Great WhiteShark story, before going in ;-)

 I also want to share this story by my friend Dan, on Business in Europe this weekend:
From one eye witness here in London: absolute craziness. I landed 2nights ago to get a connecting flight to Jeddah to find snow closingthe airport. It was closed yesterday and again today. I was lucky tofind a room in the city as all hotels are booked. There are stillhundreds at the airport without food and water. My bag is MIA. (but Iwas able to buy new *******'s yesterday!). I am here for 4 days. That thesoonest they can get me out. I am supposed to fly on Tuesday howevermore snow is predicted. Happy f'ing Christmas to the inept BritishAirport Authority.
Hope all is well in Scituate!

Thank you
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