Stormy Friday, Drier Weekend, Tropical Energy

  A major upper trough generated Tornadoes over Virgina Thursday October 13, 2011. This trough is digging and will be going negative over New England Friday. Storms are likely to produce damaging wind gusts in southern New England in the afternoon and evening. The trough then cuts off to our north over the weekend with drier gusty wind Saturday and Sunday. Like last weekend the wind on Mount Washington will be sustained near hurricane force. Unlike last weekend the mountains tops of New England will be obscured in clouds. Last weekend we hit 85° in New England, this weekend is much more seasonable, 50s north, 60s south. The most sunshine will be near the shore.
  We have no named storms in the tropics. The remnant of the un-named tropical cyclone that hit Florida Sunday, brought downpours  through New England Thursday the 13th. The great rainfall was over southeastern New England, 2" in Fairhaven MA.
  Now we are tracking a plume of Tropical energy releasing from The Bahamas. This plume will help fuel thunder storms with torrential downpours Late Friday the 14th.
  An area of Thunder storms in the Western Caribbean will lift north and add fuel to another Major east Coast Storm that will run the East Coast of New England next week, arriving in New England Wednesday. That storm will bring heavy wind and rain, that may end as snow in the mountains Wednesday into Thursday.
  This pattern is one of high amplitude and storms all lined up back to Asia, and plenty of energy left in the Tropics, especially the Caribbean. That means plenty to watch.. and yes, we are still vulnerable to enough snow that some skiing (much hiking required) my be in store for Halloween.
  Oh yeah, the highest tide of 2011 in with the new moon October 27th. That could be trouble.

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