Third Blizzard Warning of 2014

Back in September we made a forecast for a tough winter, resembling the years of 2003-2004. In January 2004 Cape Cod had the most extreme blizzard of my life. Though this one may not match 2004 (30" of snow), this is the third time a blizzard warning has been issued in the last 6 weeks. Even more remarkable is the fact we are experiencing two Nor'easters with central pressure lower than 28.7 inches of mercury, within 48 hours. I have never seen this.


But as New England Blizzards go, this one is relatively minor. The storm is moving so fast we only get about 12 hours of rage. That should keep accumulations under a foot in most locations. Here is a general outline of this storm.
The highest impact time is 3pm to 3am.




High Tide at midnight will have a pounding surf causing minor flooding on north the north facing shoreline of Cape Cod and the Island's. For most of New England, a wind from the north is offshore, and though waves will build to 15+ feet, the offshore component and fast moving nature of this storm should avert major problems at the coast.

Offshore there is a Hurricane Force Wind Warning, another rather rare event.

Cold wind and dry weather is here Sunday-Monday. A fast moving wave of low pressure on a warm front will bring another round of snow, and snow or rain at the shore, Monday night into the Tuesday Morning commute. Early estimate is about 3" of snow with that one. Warmer air will try to spread into New England the second half of next week, but it will meet resistance, more on that tomorrow.

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