Thursday Night Not the Only Show – Stronger Storm Likely on Saturday


Though I'm tracking a storm for Thursday night that will drop a few inches, on average, a storm with more moisture available to it is likely to affect New England Saturday.  Unlike the Thursday night storm - chock full of energy but devoid of moisture until it arrives to New England - Saturday's storm will organize just south of New England, drawing a combination of Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic moisture into its core.  This is likely to do two things - 1) create heavier precipitation on the north side of the storm, and 2) result in a mix of precipitation types in some of Southern New England.  Timing on this storm looks to be a start time of Saturday midday (roughly) and finishing Saturday night.  Total accumulations are hard to call this far out, but maximum amounts of six inches are certainly possible in the heart of the snow shield.  I'll keep you posted.

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