Tracking the Tropics: Why the East Coast Looks to Be More Vulnerable Than Normal

Meteorologist Matt Noyes mentioned in last night's Tracking the Tropics update that he was concerned about tropical waves over Africa.  Tonight, he explained why the hemispheric weather pattern has him convinced that - though a landfall is certainly not assured - the East Coast is more vulnerable to a hurricane strike than usual for the next two to four weeks.

Also, Matt is issuing occasional, quick informational tidbits about New England hurricane history and vulnerability to better inform the public - generally unaware of the risk we face here at home.  Today's tidbit:  Did you know the Hurricane of 1938 brought a wind gust to 186 mph in Milton, MA??  If you didn't know that, perhaps you should follow Matt on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or check out his personal page for more updates this season.

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