Tropics Getting Active- As Are NECN Meteorologists

Late on Sunday August 25, 2013 The National Hurricane Center named Ferdinand a tropical storm with 45 mph. The storm made landfall near Veracruz Mexico with little wind, but plenty of rain. Here is the image as Ferdinand made landfall at sunset.


We are also watching a much more energized series of low pressure systems moving off the coast of northwest Africa.


That batch of Red on this infrared image is a heavy thunderstorm complex over southwest Mali. The forecast for these waves of low pressure is more ominous now than at any point so far this hurricane season.
Several runs of the long range weather models show a possible hurricane near the USA east coast September 7-11.
Here is one of the more alarming projections.
This was a forecast from NCEP GFS model, initialized late Saturday August 24th.
That is a possible hurricane running up the east coast on September 10th. Far from an imminent danger, but definitely a heads up.


Meanwhile, we are in a period of relatively dry weather, that is ending this week.
Many showers and storms will cross New England this week as record hot air in Minnesota runs onto the relatively cool air that has been in New England.
This week is not an easy forecast, as some blocking in the North Atlantic causes a weather front to stall near our New England south coast with a series of low pressure systems passing by. The timing and placement of successive waves of low pressure on the stalled front will result in periods of downpours, mixed in with periods of sunshine. We are turning warmer and more humid too. The week is not a washout, but trying to nail how much rain, or how warm we get will have to be called on a day by day basis.
By Labor Day weekend, a new high from Canada should bring us another nice period of low humidity and sunshine. It's on the backside of that Canadian High that we may have to be on the lookout for Tropical Trouble.

This period of quiet weather has been very helpful for the NECN Meteorologists and production crew, we are busy producing another weather special to air about the same time a hurricane may be approaching from the south. Wouldn't that timing just figure!

Here are some behind the scene shots from our weather production in Charlestown Massachusetts.


Cam the cam man


Nia is our producer


The ladies know all about looking good.


The men not so much, but Matt is styling too.

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