Vermont Ice Storm 2013 at The Montgomery Lodge

Josh Wirth owns The Montgomery Lodge in northern Vermont, he is kind enough to share his story and these photos from the Ice Storm of 2013.

Crazy, crazy storm. If I never see anything like it again it will be to soon. Snow changed over to rain like we thought, but would you believe that it rained at 19-28F for 2 straight days and it still hasn't stopped?! Here in the valley we never went above freezing but liquid rain kept coming down and freezing to the tune of .75-1" plus ice accretion on everything. the power grid got hammered but we're back up and running.The resort was at 35-50F during most of this storm -- plain rain, but the lifts shut down for a day or so. The rain and freezing rain has changed to snow but not much accumulation is expected. Cold temps and light snow all this week, hopefully accumulating a bit - we'll see.Check out the pics -- I had to support the trees that didn't initially break w/ 2x4's as the freezing rain just kept adding weight; so far it worked!!All in all, I don't think we lost a ton of snowpack at the resort (we didn't down here at all, it just froze solid), so we are in rebuilding base stage just like we were 4 times last year.Still have New Year's open at the Riverside for any last minute bookings.

Thanks Josh!Glad you are safe and sound.  

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