Warmer Snowy Valentines, Then FreezeThawFreeze

Interesting that 24 in Boston is the Coldest Major hub in the U.S.this morning and -40 in Fairbanks Alaska is colder than most ofCanada. Boston represents the last of the Old Cold that has the UnitedStates locked in Ice, while Fairbanks shows the New Cold for after theupcoming thaw.   

  It has been an amazing run, take Del Rio Texas forexample, so far in February this city on the Mexico Border is averaging13.4 degrees below normal per day. Not one day of the month has beenabove normal so far. It has snowed twice this month, but the low today(Feb 13, 2011) was 35, only the 3rd above 32 start this month.Further south, fears in Mexico are that 80% to 100% of the crops have been lost tocold this winter. Food Prices may spike. yet the warming alarmistsmaintain that all this Cold and Snow fit into the Anthropogenic Globalwarming Theory. Even the coldest temperature on record in The State ofOklahoma, -28 set at Bartlesville, set this week, does not deter the warming fear.Well the warming crowd will be have a week of weather more in tune withtheir fear of no more winter weather. Most of the United Sates, including NewEngland, will finally get relief from this unusually harsh La NinaWinter.

  The Steering Currents high in the atmosphere are flattening out andspeeding up. So instead of the Cross Polar Flow from Siberia to Mexico,we now will have Pacific origin air from Hawaii to Maine, at least fora few days later this week. The record to beat in Boston FridayFebruary 18 is...
  time out-
(it took me an hour to find the record, here is a link http://nowdata.rcc-acis.org/BOX/pubACIS_results, click on
(ThreadEx Station). thank you Bill Simpson at BOS NWS.

 I am also distracted by a Documentary called GaslLand on HBO. I am soangry I can hardly continue this fun weather discussion. Hydraulicfracturing is a common technique used to stimulate the production ofoil and natural gas. Resident near these wells have seen their drinkingwater and wells catch on fire and explode. Residents have sufferedneurological, gastrointestinal and dermatological symptoms fromexposure to tainted air & water.

  This is where the EPA should bespending time and money, not worrying about CO2. How can this agencysay CO2 is a pollutant, and allow this production process to continue?We have many problems with fossil fuels, but the CO2 part is not one ofthem. Our focus needs a tectonic shift from this AGW pseudo sciencetoward actual clean air and clean water.. the reason the EPA exists.While we are here, NASA needs to study space and leave climate toclimatologists.

where were we?

Oh yeah, we are on the edge of a major warm up, but.. Low pressure onthe front over New England today will deepen rapidly over Maine for ourValentines Day. This means heavy snow, 8", for Aroostook County Maine,while the rest of New England warms to 45 with a southwest wind. Thenwe all have one more Arctic FroPa (Frontal Passage) Monday Night. Thisfront means business, a brief snow squall with gusts to 55 mph, then a25 degree temperature drop. By Tuesday Morning we have a 980 millibarlow over Newfoundland, with a 1030 mb high over Ohio. The rush of chilllasts one day, Tuesday. By Wednesday the High is over The Mid-AtlanticStates and our wind will come from the west and southwest throughFriday Night. This will be warm Pacific Air, with highs to 60 in partsof New England Thursday and Friday. Night-time lows will stay abovefreezing for much of New England Weds/Thurs, making this a genuine thaw, or spring preview.But the door slams Friday Night when an even more powerful, 970 mb, lowpasses north of Maine with a new surge of Cold here on Saturday the20th.

 We will keep an eye on that -40 in Fairbanks, that air will begetting close around February 23. We may have another rain/snow storm withthat front before near record cold returns the last week of February.

 Oh yeah, the records to beat in Boston.. for Thursday Feb 17 is 61and Fri Feb 18 is 66, both from 1981. We will be close on Thursday.

 Happy Freeze/Thaw/Freeze, SurfSkiWeatherMan  (Skiing Stratton This Week)
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