Working in the Cold Weather

(NECN: Anya Huneke, South Burlington, VT) - It's the type of cold that makes boots crunch, and jackets crinkle, that drains batteries and freezes pipes. Not to mention fingers.

It was a cold that enveloped Jim Woods as he delivered mail to residents of Essex, Vermont.

From his 26 years as a letter carrier, he knows duty calls- no matter what the thermometer says.

Monday, it said little without a minus sign attached. Many woke up to temperatures in the double digits below zero.

Which kept the Burlington Fire Department busy-- in this case, responding to one of many fire alarms that had malfunctioned in the cold.

A shivering crowd waited to get back in where it was warm. Few - humans - chose to be outside in this weather. It certainly made full service gas look more appealing.

For that, Gordon Hayes was available at the CITGO station in South Burlington.

He says the bitter cold doesn't bother him a bit.

Chris Spear was not one of his customers. In the cold he couldn't start, let alone fill up, his car...
Neither could his neighbor.  

A new battery and some frozen fingers later, however, he was back in business.

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