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A Change in the Air? New England Feels Brisk, Fall-Like Evenings

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A gorgeous, almost fall-like weekend is bringing smiles to much of New England. Our afternoons are fabulous, highs remain in the upper 70s for most and our nights have finally cooled down to the 50s.

You can expect to see humidity on the lower side from today through early Monday. Dew points will climb back up to the 60s, still comfortable, by Tuesday. This will allow for our clouds to bring the chance for some showers from Tuesday through Thursday. 

For now, it’s likely that not everyone will benefit from the rain as the trajectory of our low is still not set in stone. If it stays offshore… northeastern New England is looking to get most of the rain, so places like Maine and NH could see over .75” of precipitation amounts. If it tracks closer and comes inland, there will be a higher chance for more significant rain to fall in southern New England as well.

With a lack of abrupt changes, temperatures trend to remain seasonable through Wednesday. Next weekend features a warm up with highs coming back up the high end of 80s.

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