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It Will Be Dangerously Hot This Week. Here's What to Look Out For

Thursday we're looking at a high of 98 with a heat index of 100-105 while Friday we can expect a high of 93 with a heat index of 100-105.

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We have dangerous heat on the way for Thursday and Friday. 

Highs will again reach the 90s, but it becomes dangerous once the humidity is factored in.  The humidity is moisture in the air, and dewpoint is a measure of how much moisture is in the air.  Dewpoints will be in the mid-60s tomorrow, low 70s by Friday into Saturday.  Once we see dewpoints in the mid-60s then it’s uncomfortable.  Once that number increases then that also creates the heat index. 

So, what is the heat index?

The actual definition of heat index is: feels like temperature to the human body when relative humidity is combined with air temperature.  When the air is more saturated, it can’t hold more moisture.  And to us that means our bodies can cool off as efficiently.  We cool down by sweating, which should evaporate off the skin.  But on humid days it takes longer to evaporate that sweat, and overheating is likely. 

Thursday and Friday are the days to relax and not work too hard outside.  Thursday we're looking at a high of 98 with a heat index of 100-105.  Friday, expect a high of 93 with a heat index of 100-105. 

Look out for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke

Heat exhaustion or heat stroke can occur in healthy adults or children when it’s this hot and humid.  Heat exhaustion is identified by: heavy sweating, weakness, fainting, pale, clammy skin, or muscle cramps.  Heat stroke is when you have: no sweating, throbbing headache, hot, red, dry skin, lose consciousness.  Babies, the elderly, and even pets are susceptible to the heat dangers even more so.   Leave any walks or exercising outside for early morning, or late evening once the sun has set. And find a way to keep cool, near a lake, in the AC, or at a cooling center (set up by your town, or a library or shopping mall can be a spot to go).  More 90s are in the forecast this weekend, with a cool down by the middle of next week and highs in the low 80s. 

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