Cooler Air Finally Here After Record-Setting Temperatures

Despite the cooldown, summer isn’t nearly over. Plenty of warmth is in the extended forecast.

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Well, it’s over.

With the passage of a cold front Tuesday night, the heat has been snuffed out and the record-setting temperatures have come to an abrupt end. What’s even more important (in this extended drought, at least) is that by cooling the air, we’ve lowered the evaporation rate. So *some* of the rain we saw Tuesday should stay in the soil over the next couple of days.

Of course, not everyone was treated to one to two inches of rain Tuesday, so we’re in search for more in that respect. Don’t expect the feeble showers in the next two days to rise to the occasion. We’re seeing more clouds than actual rain, so lots more disappointment is in the forecast. Our best chance at getting wet will be across the Cape & Islands on Thursday as a quick-moving storm system zips by offshore.

Elsewhere, the heat will try and make a mini-comeback with highs climbing to the mid-80s away from the coast. And yet again, the cooler air will send it packing by Friday. This second front will be the one that takes out the humidity and sets us up for a stellar weekend forecast. Highs once again settle for the upper 70s to low 80s.

Despite the cooldown, summer isn’t nearly over. Plenty of warmth in the extended forecast – although no glaring heat at this point.

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