Enhanced Severe Weather Threat to be Monitored

Thunderstorms likely to develop in New England


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Thundersorms likely to develop in New England today
Boston area has favorable parameters for potential severe (damaging storms)
Storms will move toward the east-northeast, and any possible line of storms that develops will move from south to north
"When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!" - there is no safe place outside during a thunderstorm
The NECN Mobile App can provide real-time radar updates and forecast radar loops

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the early morning experimental guidance indicating Boston area thunderstorms this afternoon has found support in late morning high-resolution guidance. Some interesting trends can be derived from the new high-resolution guidance that's picking up on storm development this afternoon in Boston's MetroWest area, as a weak energy center rides over the region, prompting potential storm development. See below:

The first image indicates the predicted storm coverage, valid at 4 PM - note the orientation of the storms lines up along a subtle wind shift, indicating perhaps a weak, diffuse, warm front in the region. This peaked my interest, as such setups can occasionally produce rotating updrafts, favorable for sustained damaging wind and, sometimes, tornadic spin-ups:

In summary, conditions are favorable not only for thunderstorms, but for strong ones to develop in and around Southern and Central New England, including the Boston and MetroWest area. The average motion of each storm would be toward the east-northeast at 15-25 mph, so watch the western and southwestern sky, though the entire line will move from south to north, should this thunderstorm cluster, indeed, develop. As always, you can keep the NECN Mobile App handy should you be looking for radar updates on the go.

Remember: "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!" There is no safe place outside during thunderstorms, except in a closed car. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings mean a damaging storm appears imminent and shelter should be sought indoors, away from windows. Tornado Warnings mean a tornado seems imminent, in which case a basement is the best shelter.

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