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Heavy Rain, Wind Sunday as T-Storms to Hit Coast

After a cold Halloween night Saturday, a few snowsqualls are possible Monday morning

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We've got another chilly night ahead.

Temperatures will drop down into the 30s in southern New England and 20s in northern New England. Showers will develop Sunday morning in southeast Massachusetts. Most of this rain will be light. There will be a lull in the activity until about dinner time.

Locally heavy rain will redevelop. The Cape and Islands may see some damaging wind gusts with any downpours that develop. The mountains will be cold enough to support a bit of snow.

Today: Sunshine and light wind. High in the low 40s. Tonight: Frosty clear full moon early, drizzle and black ice late, lows near freezing. Tomorrow: Gusty downpours east, mostly cloudy west, high in the 40s and 50s.

As the system clears out, a few snowsqualls are possible Monday morning. Monday will be chilly and windy. Gusts may approach and even exceed 50 miles per hour.

A few more snow showers are possible Monday night into early Tuesday morning. The rest of Election Day looks to be quiet and cold.

Next week will trend in a warmer direction and drier.

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