Blizzard Blasts the Coast

Powerful winter storm is headed for New England

We continue to track a powerful winter storm that has the potential to bring historic amounts of snow to New England. Snow began later this afternoon, but the heaviest snow will begin in full force this evening and continue right through Tuesday into Tuesday night.

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Travel will become impossible, and even possibly life-threatening. It is strongly advised to take necessary precautions to avoid being out in this storm.

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It will be a very cold, windy and blinding storm, with whiteout blizzard conditions developing late tonight through the early morning hours tomorrow.

The strongest winds will be along the coast, where isolated gusts up to hurricane strength (74+ mph) are possible on the Cape and islands early Tuesday morning. Winds will likely knock out power to many across southeast Massachusetts, the Cape and Islands, but other outages are possible outside this area.

Seas will build to 15 to 25 feet off the coast Tuesday, and moderate coastal flooding during the times of high tide Tuesday is likely for east- and north-facing beaches. Vulnerable shore roads and homes should prepare for battering surf and storm surge 2 to 4 feet above the normal tide. Coastal flooding damage and debris are likely. Protect items in basements by bringing them upstairs or elevated.

A significant coastal front will likely develop on the coast, with heavier, fluffier snow just inland away from the coastline. By the time this snow ends early Wednesday morning, 1 to 2 feet of snow will bury the region, with pockets of 3 feet possible!

This storm is history in the making. It will compare to some of our greatest snowstorms.

Please remember to check on your neighbors and keep your pets safe in the storm. Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning with generators, so make sure your vents are not blocked by heavy snow.

Shoveling the snow will be quite a human task, so try not to overexert yourself trying to clean it all up, and help your neighbors! It will be a very cold storm, with sub-zero wind chills, so please dress warmly and do not take unnecessary risks by being on the roadways.

This will be an easy storm. You could suffer from hypothermia if exposed to these extreme conditions for too long if not prepared or stranded.

Please note: The NECN news app will be streaming news and weather through the event, so if you lose power, you can still stream us on your phone while the battery lasts. Sit back, be safe and enjoy the beauty and power of New England weather!

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