Icy Start to Weekend

The worst of a cold blast in New England will be overnight Friday and Saturday morning, with low temperatures in the 10s to the low 20s early Saturday.

Old Oakand Bucket Pond Nov 21

The worst of a cold blast for New England is coming overnight Friday and Saturday morning with low temperatures in the 10s to the low 20s early Saturday and will be exacerbated by wind from the west gusting over 30 mph.

A strong polar high pressure system is responsible for the eastern chill and snow is moving off the mid-Atlantic states Saturday afternoon.

When the high pressure moves off to our south, we tend to warm up fairly rapidly as wind comes from the southwest, opposed to when they go north, and wind comes from the east.

As the temperatures warm we will see many clouds and some light, mixed rain, ice and snow during Saturday evening, primarily in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Western Maine.

High temperatures Saturday will be in the 30s, to low 40s at the Southern Coast.

The light wintry mix up north tomorrow night will move out at sunrise Sunday with temperatures near freezing.

Clouds will lift early Sunday leading to partly sunny weather for the Patriots game with highs near 50 with 40s up north and a bit less windy.

Another warm front Sunday will bring steady rain to New England for Monday morning that will end Monday afternoon with highs near 60. Rainfall amounts will be less than a half an inch, about the same rainfall, warmth, and wind is expected near Buffalo.

About the same rainfall, warmth, and wind is expected near Buffalo as wind from the south will again gust past 40 mph as strong low pressure passes over the Great Lakes into Ontario.

New England should have a mild mix of sun and clouds Tuesday as a weak cold front passes over us from west to east with a few clouds and maybe a shower, high in the 50s, with a lighter west wind.

Wednesday through Friday are highly uncertain. An ocean storm may clip eastern New England with rain and snow Wednesday.

Another powerful arctic front will be approaching New England from the west late Thursday and into Friday bringing with it snow showers or squalls possible by Friday.

If the ocean storm slows, and the next cold front speeds up, we could have more serious rain and snow here in New England for the Wednesday to Friday time period.

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