More Snow to Hit New England on Monday

An early call on snowfall totals

Snow, or rain changing to snow, turns to flurries and snow showers overnight. Any wet or slushy ground will freeze solid over night as The Montreal Express sends temperatures to near the single digits by morning. A few bands of snow will redevelop in southeast New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts overnight, with another inch or two during the late night and sunrise. In eastern Maine, close to the storm center, snow is heavy overnight, 6"-12" by morning.

The storm center moves from the Gulf of Maine to Nova Scotia Saturday. Snow ends with biting wind from the northwest increases to 25-30 mph. Wind chill advisory in effect tomorrow morning.

High pressure right over New England will make for a real pretty near full 'Snow' moon Saturday. Clear sky, calm air and deep snowpack, means strong radiational cooling, lows -10 to +5 south, -10 to -30 north.
Sunday warms rapidly to 15 north, 25 south by afternoon. Light variable wind and sunshine makes Sunday the pick of the weekend.

The storm bring rain to Phoenix Arizona clear out in time for a dry Super Bowl. That storm is racing across the country and running into the cold air in New England. That means a snow storm for Monday. Snow should begin around midnight Sunday and be heavy all day Monday. About and inch per hour for about 18 hours means a 12"+ snowfall. Adding to the challenge Monday is a new surge of cold. Highs will be 5-15, with winds of 20-40 mph, stronger at the shore. Bitter wind chills and blowing drifting snow. It's roughly half the storm we had a few days ago.

More cold sun is here Tuesday, then warmer Wednesday before more new snow and cold next Thursday.

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