Remnants of Ian Could Bring Showers to New England

Showers will manage to weasel up from the south on Saturday as early as midday

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Harrowing stories are still coming out of Florida from Ian’s devastating storm surge, screaming wind and relentless rain. The storm has weakened considerably, but will likely make a fourth landfall in South Carolina as it continues to soak the Southeast.

In contrast, our weather has been – and continues to be – lovely and quiet. Fair weather clouds will dot the landscape as cooler air arrives in all levels of the atmosphere. Seventies are now off the table as cooler winds move in from the north and from the east in the coming days. While we wait for Ian’s remnants to make their move over the weekend, our weather will remain dry through late Friday.

How much rain will Ian bring?

The issue of whether or not we’ll see rain from Ian seems to be resolved (in part). Showers will manage to weasel up from the south on Saturday as early as midday. While they won’t be ANYWHERE as intense as we’re seeing over the South, it will make for a wet, cool day. Drier air should wedge in on Sunday, perhaps even enough to break the clouds to the north, before more overcast shrouds the sun into early next week. Ian still has a few tricks up its sleeve, however. The last leg of rain should wait until Tuesday to swing through.

Will there be any wind damage?

Winds will be tame for the period except for Sunday when high pressure (NOT Ian) causes our “gradient” to tighten a bit. Some gusts could be as high as 30-40 along the coast in the afternoon. Pretty manageable fare after seeing what other communities/regions have gone through over the past week with two hurricanes.

Enjoy the fall-like temps and make the best of the weekend.   

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