Some Record-Setting Weather in New England

Temperatures climbed to 80 in numerous locations on Wednesday

[UGCPHI-CJ-weather]Sun Soaked Friday
Peter Planamente

Unseasonal summer-like warmth in place this afternoon! An airmass more typical for mid-August, instead of mid-October. Temperatures have climbed to 80 in numerous locations today, including Reading, Malden, Watertown, Norwood, Boston, Nashua, Concord, Taunton, Lawrence and Fitchburg.

A new daily record high has been set in Burlington, Vermont. The high temperature so far today on Oct. 15 has reached 80 degrees in Burlington. This breaks the previous record high temperature of 79 set back in 1956. 

For the second day, the high temperature has been at a record high in Haverhill, New Hampshire. Tuesday was 80, Wednesday is 81. Today's 81 exceeded the 79 in 1956.

Temperatures are averaging close to 15 to 20 degrees above the average high for this time of year.

Enjoy every minute. This warmth will not last long! Signs of much cooler air arriving before the weekend is through. Temperatures will fall back into the 50s for much of next week.

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