Summer-Like Temperatures Return Through Mid-Week

Oct 18 highs

The blast of near record cold Canadian air that slipped in for our Saturday morning has since been replaced with a southwesterly breeze that will usher in near 70° high temperatures for this afternoon. Plus, if you were already getting your jackets, sweaters, and pants ready for the fall and winter months ahead, you might want to unpack those shorts and t-shirts through the middle of the next work week.

Here’s the set-up in the upper levels of the atmosphere. The line of blue arrows is the jet stream which is a river of very fast winds which drive our weather systems. The upper level high is situated along the southeast coast and will usher in that southwesterly flow that brings in that near record heat.

The warmth that we get a glimpse of for Sunday will stick around for the work week, but will be much more noticeable. We’re talking at least 10-20° warmer than normal for this time of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday, highs will be pushing closer to the lower 80s under mostly sunny skies, before unsettled weather moves in for the end of the work week and cools us back to near normal high temperatures.

A look ahead to what the record maximum temperatures are for some areas for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay tuned to see if we set any new records for New England.

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