Weather forecast

Thawing Temps With More Clouds, Some Sunshine Sunday

A clear 10-day forecast means the snow deficit would build in February

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There isn’t much weather to speak of over the next several days. Temperatures quickly thaw today with high temperatures in the mid and upper 40s with sunshine.

The next chance for unsettled weather will be Tuesday. We are expecting rain in most areas with some snow in the mountains, but the totals don’t seem that extreme. Even where we see rain, precipitation amounts are meager.

Some colder air returns by Thursday and Friday, but that too is relatively short-lived.

Dry, sunny days will return for the end of the week and into next weekend. Each day we are also gaining more and more daylight. Daylight Saving Time begins in three weeks, and our sunset times are now past 5:15 p.m. and again, climatological spring is two weeks away.

There isn’t much snow through the end of the 10-day, which means we will get through the month of February without much snow. Our snowfall deficits continue to climb!

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