War-Torn Yemen Braces for Powerful Cyclone

Cyclone Chapala is slowly churning towards the Arabian Peninsula


While New England is set to enjoy a warm-up this week, it's a far different story on the other side of the globe.

Yemen, a war-torn nation located south of Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Sea, is bracing for a massive cyclone. In the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific, a cyclone would be known as a hurricane.

Cyclone Chapala, once a high-end category 4 storm, is still packing 120 mph sustained winds as it slowly churns towards the Arabian Peninsula.

The storm gained tremendous strength just a few days ago after moving over a portion of the ocean that is 86 degrees. Cyclones feed off of warm ocean waters.

The storm is now weakening somewhat as it moves into cooler waters, but it's still expected to have sustained winds around 100 mph as it makes landfall in Yemen early this week, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

In addition to the powerful winds, the nation will likely face drenching rain and flooding.

Many in Yemen already face tremendous hardships given the current unrest, but this will only complicate matters.

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