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After Another Nor'easter, Some in Vt. Search for Signs of Spring



    Vermonters Searching for Signs of Spring

    Tuesday's storm was the third nor'easter to hit New England in two weeks.

    (Published Tuesday, March 13, 2018)

    While skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers certainly love major winter storms for the fun they have in the following days, many others are looking for a reason to be optimistic following a rough stretch of snowy weather.

    "This is a good place to come to feel a little warmth in the middle of winter," said John Holcomb, showing necn Easter lilies and other plants growing in the greenhouses of Paquette Full of Posies in Williston, Vermont.

    After not one, not two — now a third nor'easter — many in New England are crying "uncle."

    Holcomb said the colorful plants in the nursery's greenhouses are a reminder of the payoff for patience.

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    "Shortly, everything out there that's white will be green, just like in here," Holcomb said inside a greenhouse. "I promise! It's one of the guarantees!"

    At the studio of Hot Yoga Burlington Vermont, instructor Steph Muzzy was cranking up the heat to 91 degrees Tuesday.

    The snow outside wasn't quitting, but Muzzy is at peace with our string of storms.

    "I would say you just have to kind of let it be," she said. "So if it's snowing, you just kind of go with the flow. You don't get too caught up in expectations of things that can make you feel crazy or stressful about the fact that it's snowing for the third time in two weeks."

    At the famous Shelburne Museum, artist Jennifer Angus was installing a wall of colorful insects, many from warm Thailand, aiming to convince people to see bugs as beautiful.

    "I really love to put up my work in winter because it really is sort of a monochromatic world out there, then you come in and you have those splashes of color that come from Mother Nature," Angus said.

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    Hers is just one of the pieces in a new spring and summer exhibition opening this weekend called "In the Garden." Expect flowers and brightness from the show.

    "The idea was to just give people a lift in March," museum director Tom Denenberg said. "This is the time of year everyone has cabin fever and we’re getting ready for spring!"

    "In the Garden" opens Saturday, March 17 and runs through late August.

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