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Coastal Flooding Concerns



    Coastal Flooding Concerns

    Residents are keeping a close eye on the ocean after Saturday's storm (Published Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016)

    Sunday's midday high tide is the one people along the coast have been watching as the weekend winter storm approached and passed.

    "It's a matter of being prepared… We knew a couple of days ago this weather was coming in," said Nick Bokavich.

    Nick lives right on the seawall in Scituate, Massachusetts, where it takes the heartiest of hearty New Englander to live along the coast, especially in the winter time.

    As winter storms approach, Nick pays close attention. "Always concerned, always concerned. We boarded up the windows. But with the full moon we are always very concerned about the high tide," he said.

    Sunday's midday high tide was scheduled for 11 a.m. A coastal flood advisory was issued between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., bringing a 2-foot storm surge and 11 to 13-foot waves just off the coast.

    Like all coastal cities and towns, upkeep on the seawall is constant. Longtime resident Steve Berlo says Scituate plans to work on this one over the next two years. "You can see it's not holding back the water," he said.

    Steve has lived in Scituate for 50 years and in his current house for 27. He lives right on the water and he knows all about coastal living. "In 27 years, tell me how this ranks," he said. "This is really kind of minor."

    Minor or not, Steve does have some concerns because where his house is situated is a very narrow strip of land leading out to the Scituate lighthouse. He's looking forward to the town fixing that seawall. "If this washes through it'll take this road and there will be a bridge here the next time we talk," he said.

    Good news is that likely won't happen with this storm because after this midday high tide, things should get back to normal pretty quickly.

    "If this is the worst of it we lucked out," said Steve. 

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