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Stormy Pattern May Impact New Hampshire Primary

Several coastal storms will flirt with New England next week



    Stormy Pattern May Impact New Hampshire Primary

    After one storm pulls away on Friday evening, New England awaits a quiet and pleasant weekend. It won't last though. Next week is shaping up to be very active.

    While highs this weekend will top out near 40, with just a few snow showers in Northern New England, colder air will work in from north to south during the afternoon on Sunday.

    That cold air will pool heading to next week, just as a serious of powerful storms gather offshore.

    It's far too early to know exactly how, if at all, any of these storms impact New England. However, with cold air in place and an active storm track nearby it's wise to keep up with the forecast all weekend.

    Victor Darish

    The first storm could impact us as early as Monday, if it tracks close enough. Another storm will be nearby on Tuesday. Of course that bears extra close attention because the New Hampshire Primary is on Tuesday. Yet another area of low pressure may try to spin up offshore on Wednesday.

    As we just saw with this past storm, every wobble of these coastal storms can have huge implications to our forecast. And while most of next week's energy may just miss us, the trend with storms so far this winter has been for these to make last minute jogs to the west, walloping us harder than anticipated.

    So, while this post is not designed to cause panic, it is designed to heighten your awareness of a very volatile forecast next week.

    Check back often for updates on air and online. 

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