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8 to 14 Day Forecast: The Return of Colder Than Normal Temperatures



    8_TO_14_DAY_TEMPSThe big take-away point of the Week Two (8-14 day) forecast I aired on NECN Monday at 9 PM, 10 and midnight, is a return of colder than normal temperatures next week.  A jet stream "trough," or dip, develops in the Eastern United States next week - particularly for the middle and end of the week - and this should usher colder than normal air south out of Canada, while much of the remainder of the nation stays warmer than normal.

    The jet stream winds aloft will be defined by two distinct streams - an energetic northern stream that will likely deliver lake effect and lake enhanced snow to the Great Lakes region, and a southern stream that will bring much needed rain to Texas and Florida.  8_TO_14_DAY_PRECIPThe question is whether those two streams "phase," or merge, near the East Coast.  I'm banking on that happening, hence the forecast for above normal precipitation in the Southeast US, but the exact track farther north is in question.  If you look closely, I've indicated Southern New England just barely in the above normal category, which essentially indicates I'm hedging/weighting toward a storm track that may carry a storm up the Eastern Seaboard the weekend of February 11/12.